Winter by the Ocean and here is why?
July 25, 2017
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To express love and feelings is a crucial part of our lives. I have always disliked being forced on an economically driven day to celebrate a loved one. Saying all that, escaping to an off the grid property by the sea, (Ahava is a translation from Hebrew meaning love), seems right. Every time I visit this property I feel exhilirated cause the beauty of it is just astounding. It is almost impossible not to love here. The deck walking out onto endless stretches of white beach. You can even view whales and other marine life here. This enchanting stone house by the sea is on a private farm bordering the ocean and the nature reserve. Book now to celebrate your togetherness at sales@globalcountryreservations.

Visual delight and the atmosphere that hovers here is so unique. In tandem with the waves the pressures of every day life will just roll off you. You will not want to leave here, but the good news, we will always welcome you back.

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